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How to Make Your To-Do List Doable


Often to-do lists become part of the workload themselves. They grow exponentially and become unmanageable, leaving us feeling overwhelmed and ineffective. 

By tailoring your to-do lists, you can regain control of your tasks!

Practical Accounting Training Bridging The GAP!


We transform accountancy theory into practical skills to help accountancy students and trainees to develop practical accounting skills and enhance their chances of getting job or to cope with the challanges facing in the job.

Enhanced Reporting Requirements for employers from 1 January 2024


The Finance Act 2022 introduced Section 897C which will require employers to report details of certain expenses and benefits made to employees and directors. Reporting the details of these expenses and benefits commenced on 1 January 2024.

Companies wishing to be converted to DAC or LTD


Under the 2014 Companies Act, all existing private companies limited by shares have the option of converting to one of the new company types (LTD or DAC) during a transition period which ends on 30 NOVEMBER 2016.